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Lymphedema therapy: Providing relief in the fight against breast cancer

When people think about breast cancer treatments, physical therapy probably isn’t their first thought. However, physical therapy can play an important role in recovery from a mastectomy or lumpectomy. A potential side effect of breast cancer surgery is lymphedema, a painful swelling of the breast, chest, shoulder, arm or hand. A specialized type of physical … Continue reading

Don't be afraid of exercising cold weather! Use these tips to stay safe, healthy, and active this winter.

Combat the cold with these tips from ATI Sports Medicine

As the leaves start to drop, and Old Man Winter starts knocking on the door, many dread the thought of taking their activities indoors . . . or abandoning them all together. But, the impending arrival of the fall and winter months doesn’t mean that outdoor activities should be abandoned.  Whether you’re an athlete, an … Continue reading

Physical therapists help patients reach their goals!

Physical therapists help make the ordinary extraordinary!

This post was written by Ashley Wolf, physical therapist at our Chicago Midway clinic. In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, Ashley shares with us why she loves her job! Reaching into the cupboard to put dishes away….. holding your child in your arms…..walking up the stairs to sleep in your own bed at night……driving … Continue reading

USA hockey

From contusions to concussions: How field hockey can be a “rough” sport on your body

They may play the sport in a skirt, but that doesn’t diminish the intensity and toughness required to make it on the field. Although field hockey is considered a “non-contact” sport, the sticks, balls, and bodies involved can still lead to number of acute injuries.   Primarily a female sport in the U.S. (the men’s national … Continue reading

Gait Analysis; Image courtesy of gearjunkie.com.

Gauging your gait can help you achieve running success

While not everyone can be an elite gymnast, most everyone can run. However, as many top runners know, just because you can “go” doesn’t mean you’ve got the “gait.” A few days ago, we talked about common running injuries and saw how stress fractures, strains, and sprains can all plague runners during their training. As … Continue reading

Brittany Viola; Image courtesy of beliefnet.com.

Diving to the top with tips from an ATI Injury Analyst

Gymnastics. Water. Strength. Suspense. Guts. Glory. Few other sports combine these elements like diving does. And while  many divers go their whole career without a scratch, injuries can and do happen.  The most obvious: smacking the board and smacking the water . . . ouch!!! However, in many cases, repetitive motion injuries are the causes behind some more … Continue reading

Misty May Treanor; Image courtesy of thelifeofluxury.com.

Bump, set, and spike your way to safety with these volleyball injury prevention tips

In the sand, American’s have dominated beach volleyball since its official inclusion in the Summer Games of ‘96.  While an infant compared to its indoor counterpart, beach volleyball may be considered the more popular of the two . . . for obvious reasons! Whether serving, setting or blocking the ball, these athletes make good use … Continue reading

Amy Lepeilbet has overcome injuries to make it to Team USA. (Image courtesy of sportsvuesoccer.com.)

Make it your goal to stretch, strengthen, and stay hydrated before hitting the soccer field

With all the running back and forth across that super large playing field, few rest breaks, and all that heading, soccer is one of the more physically demanding sports. Our ATI Injury Analyst Julia Gray, a physical therapist at our clinic in Winfield, IL, is a former Division 3 soccer player at Augustana College who … Continue reading

Holley Mangold; Image courtesy of Dayton Daily News

580+ pounds puts a lot of pressure on power lifters from head to toe

Imagine lifting two refrigerators over your head. Now throw in two models on top of those refrigerators. That’s how much weight the best of the best in the men’s superheavyweight division leaders are expected to lift!  (The record in Olympic competition is 263.5kg, or 580.9 pounds!) International weightlifting consists of two lifts: the snatch and … Continue reading

Serena Williams; image courtesy of http://static.guim.co.uk/

In the tennis world — to get an ace, you will have to ice

Has watching the best athletes in the world inspired you to get into a sport?  Tennis is a sport any age can enjoy, and enjoy for life. You’ll get your heart pumping, quench those competitive juices, and you can also take out some aggression on that little yellow ball. But be careful! Tennis does have … Continue reading

Chantae McMillian; Image courtesy of photoshelter.com.

On your mark, get set, prevent! How track and field athletes can preserve their muscles, prevent injuries

It may only take 9.69 seconds for Usain Bolt to win a gold medal, but it takes years of training, strengthening, straining, and recovery to truly achieve that dream. In track and field, those top-notch times are a culmination of years of hard work and strain on your lower extremities. Our Injury Analyst, Lauren Quinn, … Continue reading

U.S. Mens Rowing Team; Image courtesy of inc.com

Sit-ups, anyone? Core strength key for Olympic rowers

This summer, rowers will row, row, row their boats, but it’ll be anything but gently. Rowers will use a great amount of core, leg, and arm strength to perform at the highest levels of international competition. Months of training, both on and off the water, can lead to multiple types of injuries for rowers, usually … Continue reading

Derrick Rose; Image courtesy of hoopskills.com.

Lower extremity injuries sideline some of America’s best basketball stars

This season was a rough one for some of the NBA’s top players, leaving stars like Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, and Chris Bosh out of play due to injury. Whether it was the increased playing time over a compressed NBA season due to labor issues or simply the always-present aggressiveness of play, these … Continue reading

Anna Li; Image courtesy of abclocal.go.com.

Flipping, flying, twisting, and turning: Gymnasts make it look easy, but it’s hard on the body

Gymnastics is tough. (If you’ve watched “Make It or Break It” – and hey, it’s okay to admit you’ve seen it once or twice — you know what we mean.) We’re not talking about dealing with the competition or coaches or mental blocks. We’re talking about the injuries that can result from constantly contorting their … Continue reading

Equestrian athlete/Image courtesy of hpls.org.

Rough riding to the top: Injuries to avoid and exercises to perform for equestrian athletes

There are plenty of team sports  – basketball, soccer, rowing, synchronized swimming, even track relays. But, no other sport requires two individuals to work so closely together without ever speaking a word to each other. In fact, one of them can’t even speak at all… In equestrian, the horse is just as important as the … Continue reading

Jordan Burroughs; Image courtesy of Knox News

Wrestlers always prepared to hit the mat…literally

The wrestling you see in high school gyms, college fieldhouses, and on the international stage may be  no WWF, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to see. Wrestlers train long hours — avoiding, enduring, and recovering from countless injuries as they continually bear the weight of another person on them. From tears to … Continue reading

USA boxing; Image courtesy of sbnation.com.

Boxing packs a lot of punches…and injuries, too

With punches flying in the boxing ring, it’s almost inevitable that every match ends with some type of injury. (On the top on the list? Cuts and bruises.) Our ATI Injury Analyst is Boxing Specialist Lynette Carlson, who works with the ladies of Knockout Women’s Boxing Club in Westmont, IL.  Here’s what she has to … Continue reading


On football field, concussions make a big ImPACT on player performance

Who’s ready for football season? With NFL training camps up and running this week, many of us are looking forward to weekends filled with football this fall. It’s no surprise that football is rough on an athlete’s body, and today’s ATI Injury Analyst dropped in to give us some background on concussions, as males have … Continue reading

Ryan Lochte; Image courtesy of bleacherreport.com

From head to toe, swimmers must kick the injuries and pain to get to the top

While many probably consider swimming a relatively safe sport, injuries can still put these athletes in hot water.  Katie Varnado, ATC from the ATI Sports Medicine department knows about swimming injuries first hand from her work with these athletes.  Here’s what Katie has to say… What injuries are common… Swimmer’s Shoulder:  The shoulder is the … Continue reading

The ATI Physical Therapy team knows all about baseball injuries!

Don’t let baseball injuries strike you out of the game

If you’re a fan of baseball — or any other sport for that matter — you’ve heard the following words: strain, sprain, tear, pull, dislocation, and overuse. As fans of America’s favorite pastime cheer for their teams in the post-season, these are words that no one wants to hear. So what are these injuries, and what do … Continue reading

Hearts in Motion poster

Let’s celebrate National Physical Therapy Month!

Happy halfway-through-October day! We’ll be honest – here at ATI, we’re pretty big fans of October. Between football games, the World Series, Halloween, and celebrating National Physical Therapy Month, October has a lot of good things going on. And since we’re halfway through the month today, we want to bring you a few more fun … Continue reading

Bonny’s “Get There” Story

When Bonny first came to ATI, she was hoping to rehabilitate her knee after surgery. What she left with was much more than a healed knee; it was a hope for an all-around better, more independent life. Bonny, like many others, suffers from positional vertigo, which can lead to intense spells of dizziness, lightheadedness, and … Continue reading

Get in that daily exercise!

Make any activity an exercise

Today’s post comes from Matt Stapleton, the clinic director at our Doylestown, PA, location. What does the word ‘exercise’ truly mean to you? I pose this question because I feel that there is a disparity between the mind and the body’s perception of exercise.  I realized very early on that my goal in life is … Continue reading

foam roller

Get fit with foam rolling

Once a rarely-used prop in fitness routines, the foam roller has rolled its way to popularity and now seems to be popping up in every gym, yoga studio, and retailer around the country.  This month, Jeff Fellure, a wellness coordinator on our ATI Worksite Solutions team, stopped by to fill us in about the foam … Continue reading

(Generic) Bike to the Bay 2011; Image courtesy of National MS Society

Keep biking injuries at bay with these safety tips

Does fall weather mean cycling season to you? It does to us! Whether you’re a champion cyclist, a triathlete, or just a recreational biker, it’s important to know how to prevent injuries to ensure that you get the most out of your fall training. And in honor of the Bike MS: Bike to the Bay … Continue reading

Vestibular rehab; Image courtesy of nextneuro.com.

Breaking down balance & shining a spotlight on vestibular rehabilitation

Ever feel dizzy or lightheaded? Experience vertigo or blurry vision? You’re not alone. One recent study from the National Institutes of Health showed that as many as 69 million Americans have experienced some type of balance issue in their lifetime. However, what many of those 69 million don’t know is that there are treatment options … Continue reading


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